Accept Credit Cards From Any Phone

Point-of-sale retail credit card processing has evolved well beyond the once-standard countertop terminal. Merchants and service providers can now process payment card transactions from virtually any phone available to them.

TSYS® offers DIALPAY®, a telephone processing solution that utilizes any touchtone phone to process payments quickly and easily.

DIALPAY telephone credit card processing turns any touchtone phone — including mobile phones — into a credit card processor that can handle all Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover® cards. It’s quick and easy to use, doesn’t require the purchase of additional equipment or software, and there are no additional fees to pay.

Telephone processing with DIALPAY is a very cost-effective solution for low-volume businesses, on-the-go merchants who operate outside the four walls and businesses that want to keep equipment to a minimum. Since it’s accessible 24/7, your business never has any down time when it comes to accepting payment cards.

Initiating a DIALPAY transaction is as simple as calling a specified toll-free number from your touchtone phone and following a few simple prompts to enter the customer’s credit card number, expiration date and sale amount using the keypad on your phone.

The transaction is processed immediately, and a transaction approval or denial is issued. To issue a receipt, use an inexpensive portable credit card imprinter to create a two-part carbon receipt — one copy for the customer and the other for you.

DIALPAY also supports a host of other necessary functions, including credit card refunds, authorization-only transactions and void transactions. To make recordkeeping easy, TSYS will send you a monthly statement with the details of your DIALPAY credit card processing activity.