Vision Statement:  Being a  POS Technical Support Analyst in my past role has given me some insight as to the frustrations  that clients experience.  Whether it’s at the Onboarding process and set up or with the day to day functions of their business. One most important thing is to be able to understand their issues and concerns and explain things in a way that’s understood. Some technical agents forget there are still those Retail owners who really aren’t tech saavy and find it difficult to explain what is going on with their card reader or device(s).    My understanding of the POS systems and applications will serve as an added benefit  to my clients so that they benefit the most out of their purchase.  One of the worse stories in my technical role was getting a call from an upset client who was sold a product and was told it could be integrated with their current platform and could not. Now they were locked into a contract. That definitely did not set them up for success or create a very positive relationship.  I am passionate about selling the right systems to my clients and believe it’s not about just getting the sale but being honest about what the product(s) can provide. I truly believe word of mouth is the best tool and if we cannot operate a business based on honesty and trust it will eventually cause your business to fail.

“Building long lasting, rewarding relationships one client at a time.”

Skills: I have over 25 years of Customer Service experience assisting customers with their credit and, debit card accounts. Troubleshooting online site issues, training on navigating website content. Assisting with online creation and online log in errors, resetting passwords and creating temporary passwords for resets on their account.  I have 15+ years in the financial industry including Chargeback Resolution and Risk Management. Help Desk Support Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels  including re-installing Pharmaceutical software, setting up new installation of hand held devices,  troubleshooting installation failures as well as training to new software users.

Full-Service Merchant Processing

TSYS® helps businesses of every size with payment processing products and services to meet every credit card processing need. Our comprehensive offerings serve all — from a startup business requiring secure payment solutions to an e-commerce retailer looking to streamline the checkout process on its website or a B2B client looking for detailed customized reporting. We also offer in-store or on-the-go payment processing with our mobile solutions.

Accept Credit Cards From Any Phone

Point-of-sale retail credit card processing has evolved well beyond the once-standard countertop terminal. Merchants and service providers can now process payment card transactions from virtually any phone available to them.

TSYS® offers DIALPAY®, a telephone processing solution that utilizes any touchtone phone to process payments quickly and easily.

DIALPAY telephone credit card processing turns any touchtone phone — including mobile phones — into a credit card processor that can handle all Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover® cards. It’s quick and easy to use, doesn’t require the purchase of additional equipment or software, and there are no additional fees to pay.

Telephone processing with DIALPAY is a very cost-effective solution for low-volume businesses, on-the-go merchants who operate outside the four walls and businesses that want to keep equipment to a minimum. Since it’s accessible 24/7, your business never has any down time when it comes to accepting payment cards.

Initiating a DIALPAY transaction is as simple as calling a specified toll-free number from your touchtone phone and following a few simple prompts to enter the customer’s credit card number, expiration date and sale amount using the keypad on your phone.

The transaction is processed immediately, and a transaction approval or denial is issued. To issue a receipt, use an inexpensive portable credit card imprinter to create a two-part carbon receipt — one copy for the customer and the other for you.

DIALPAY also supports a host of other necessary functions, including credit card refunds, authorization-only transactions and void transactions. To make recordkeeping easy, TSYS will send you a monthly statement with the details of your DIALPAY credit card processing activity.

Mobile Payment Processing

If accepting credit cards anytime and anywhere is important to your business, consider mobile credit card processing  and accept payments on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile payment acceptance solutions from TSYS® use a card reader and app-equipped mobile device to give merchants the flexibility to accept payments on-the-go.

Benefits of Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile payment processing can be easily integrated with other point-of-sale systems.

Save Time

Handle multiple elements of mobile payments — including cash sales, tax and tip functions and email customer receipts — from your smartphone or tablet.

Security & Fraud Prevention
Secure credit card acceptance via data encryption for all swiped transactions.

24/7 Support
Customer service and technical support around the clock from our dedicated team.

Online Reporting
Access account and business data online 24/7 via your mobile device or PC.

How to Accept Credit Cards at Your Business

Accepting credit cards is a major step for any business — let TSYS® guide you through the process with expertise, providing products, services and solutions customized for your business.

Start with a Merchant Account
A merchant account is your passport to accept card payments for your business, whether online, over the phone or in a face-to-face situation. The purpose of a merchant account is to enable you to accept credit card payments.

The first step in setting up a merchant account is to choose a reputable processor like TSYS. Our commitment to outstanding customer service, our desire to build meaningful relationships and our view that merchant service is more than just an agreement — that’s why hundreds of thousands of businesses trust us to provide the payment processing options, support and security they need to grow.

There are two basic types of merchant accounts to choose from: card-present, where both the cardholder and payment card are physically present at the point-of-sale (POS), and card-not-present, or CNP.

Card-present transactions are the norm in traditional retail environments and mobile situations where the cardholder swipes, dips or taps their card or device at the terminal and the card reader collects the data.
CNP transactions occur when the card is not physically present, as is the case with online and mail order/telephone order (MOTO) sales where cardholder information is entered manually into the system.
Diversified businesses that deal in both card present and CNP transactions will typically require both types of merchant accounts.

Options for Accepting Credit Cards
Businesses today have a variety of credit card processing options to choose from. Choose the right solution for your unique business needs.

POS Terminal
The POS countertop terminal is your choice for accepting credit cards in face-to-face retail settings.

Online Credit Card Processing
Custom e-commerce solutions rely on an electronic device like a computer or tablet, an internet connection and an electronic payment gateway.

Mobile Credit Card Processing
Mobile processing utilizes an app-equipped tablet or smartphone plus a plug-in card reader to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere.

Wireless Processing
Wireless credit card processing uses software, a portable terminal and secure wireless network to connect to the processor.

Telephone Processing
Businesses that receive orders over the phone or by mail often rely on telephone processing to handle transactions.

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